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A little bit about how and why we do this from our Founders: 

At Resense our desire is to reach individuals and families who have been affected by dementia. Giving back to our community is a vital aspect of our company’s goals. We also recognize that dementia is not a discriminator of race, economics, or locality. As we watch war torn countries in the midst of upheaval we recognize there are many individuals who are being forgotten and neglected. One of our company’s goals is to reach out and help these individuals.  Our partnership with Marcel Fund Ministries is one path towards achieving this. This ministry specifically cares for the elderly, the widowed, and individuals with dementia living in Ukraine. Our desire is to donate as many boxes as possible to this ministry so that they might be distributed to those in need.

We also want to make sure that each product inside our box has sustaining value and impact.  We are looking for every opportunity to stock our boxes with products from individuals who could use the support financially, with the end goal of improving their quality of life. Utilizing local Ukrainian artists to create new coloring activity pages is part of this initiative. Many of these artists have had to escape Ukraine, living in different countries, freelancing in order to support themselves. 

Here is where you come in!  We would love your support in this venture. 

Whether you know someone personally that may benefit from our box or you just want to walk alongside us in our desire to help Ukraines we have you in mind. That is why we created Resense Tees and Apparel. For every 2 shirts purchased we will donate a box to the Marcel Fund Ministry. So whether you want to purchase a box for a friend or loved one, or simply to help others in need, this is a give back proposition.

Thank you for your consideration and kindness, 

Luke Gilligan & Ethan David

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We want to give back. For every 2 shirts purchased we will donate a box to the Marcel Fund Ministry. Quanities are limited!

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