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Resense Register

Resense Register

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The Resense Register is a newspaper designed for individuals living with dementia. Backed by research, the Register is designed to replicate opening a newspaper every day and has the same puzzles, articles, and more. We are very excited to launch our new product as we believe that it will bring comfort and familiarity to your clients / loved one.

The Register is a monthly newspaper that will be delivered directly to your home or care community. It is printed on classic broadsheet (normal newspaper printing) to help replicate opening the newspaper each morning. The feel of the the newspaper and the content are a sensory experience that your loved one will enjoy.

About the Register: 

More information about the specifics of the Register. 

Length: 8 pages, 3 broadsheets. 3 puzzles. 

Actual Newspaper: In our research when going into care communities, we found that many individuals missed opening up a newspaper every day. Newspapers were soothing to them and decreased agitation. So, by creating the register we wanted to bring back that routine and activity of daily life and give them something that we know they will enjoy. By doing the same thing each day and adding structure has been proven to decrease agitation, restlessness and aggression. 

- Articles are timeless. There is no reference of dates or specific times to decrease frustration. Historical articles are based off of notable events. 

- Large font: The Register has fonts that are 16+ pts. It is easy to read and easily accessible. 

- Eliciting Long Term Memories: We have included articles that are specifically designed to reminisce. Ex. pets, gardening, cooking, etc. 

- Crosswords: Large print, designed for seniors. 

- Wordsearch: Large print, designed for seniors. Also, none of the words go past the 80's. 

The Register is $6 / month, however, we offer bulk discounts based on quantity. You will receive the physical monthly copy to your door during the first week of each month. If you are interested in bulk shipping to your care facility, hospital, etc. We offer bulk discounts! Please email‍

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