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Resense Work Books (Sampler Pack)

Resense Work Books (Sampler Pack)

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Are you interested in the Memory Box and want to see a sample of the products included? This would be perfect for you! We wanted to offer you a sample of each of the logical puzzles and work books that we include in each box. 


- Wordsearch: Specifically designed for seniors. Large print text and none of the words or topics go past the 1980's making it more accesible and easy to read! Bringing comfort rather than frustration. 

- Adult Coloring

- Sudoku & Coloring

- Redemptive Coloring (Designed by Ukrainian artists): This coloring activity was created by our partnered Ukrainian artists. Some of these artists have had to flee their homes amidst the current crisis in Ukraine, living in different countries, and freelancing in order to support themselves. We hope to support them through their talent as artists.



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